AID. Development through micro finance

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For decades, the world has struggled with the problem of poverty. We are at a time of extraordinary technological development, but we still do not know how to deal with growing poverty. Research into the links between the influence of a wide range of aid concepts and urban development is essential to curb the growth of poverty. 

ISBN: 9788367064972

The mosaic of reports from organisations around the world dealing with these problems, their sociological analyses and the analyses of the projects initiated by architects shows the need to link many different areas if poverty is to be combated more effectively and the quality of life of people worldwide is to be improved. The exact description of one of the best-known slums from various perspectives and the later presentation of the current picture as well as the statements made by slum dwellers themselves bear witness to the complexity of the problem and prove that solutions to the problem of hyperurbanisation can be found precisely there, within the local communities.


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